Welcome To BodyShapeDesign

EMS, or electromyostimulation is the new ground-breaking method to shape, tone and strengthen the body, and to also ease body pain. With the methods that we are offering, we can guarantee that the procedures are up to 8 times more effective than conventional exercises, and you’ll be burning fat and shaping muscles in no-time!
EMS was developed in Germany, in which the methods have been proven very successful, the scientific use of EMS was done on medical and space applications, but was not successful due to mobility issues brought by the device design.
Our design of the science has lead us to a revolutionary training suit, that allows you full mobility and constant effectiveness of the methods. The full body EMS training along with the BodyShapeDesign procedures can fuel the whole muscular system instantly, as Individual sections can also be trained with the different methods to further develop a certain part of the body, and we offer different levels of intensity and forms!
If you want to stay healthy or be healthy, give these methods a try and see how you can develop yourself physically, and mentally!